Maryland Coalition for Responsible Trans

Our name is Maryland Coalition for Responsible Transit (MCRT). We evaluate transit projects for social equity, environmental justice, economic viability, and community accessibility.  We believe that the Baltimore Washington (BW) SCMaglev must be stopped in order to implement future transit projects that meet our criteria of a much lower price and much less risk and impact to communities.  Thus, we support the no-build option and are working to stop this project through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, specifically by building public capacity to respond to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).


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Are you a Maryland resident alarmed by SCMaglev's hyped promises, unproven technology, and destruction of our communities and environment?

We are eager to share what we have learned and expand our alliances with neighborhood associations, nature advocacy groups, and other organizations. If you are in a position to write on behalf of your organization, please visit our Affiliate Intake Form.

Are you looking to express your concerns about SCMaglev as proposed in the DEIS? See the tips that we have collected from opposition groups and legal advocates for organizing and submitting effective comments.


We currently are conducting a letter-writing campaign to request an extension of the public commenting period or the BW SCMaglev Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) now from 90  days to 180 Days.  Please continue to write letters requesting this extension of the commenting period.

Please use the following documents to assist you in writing your letter.

Please complete our survey to help us better address your concerns.

MCRT Kick-Off Town Hall

In conjunction with our county council members, we sponsored a DEIS Commenting Kick-off Town Hall to help the public prepare for the release of the DEIS.  This event took place over Zoom, January 14, at 7 PM.  Click here to view the video of the townhall and here to view the Powerpoint presentation.  As promised, responses to the unanswered questions during the Q&A portion of the town hall are available here.

BW SCMaglev Map20210224 - NEPA Workshop for Affiliates - SCMagLev Opposition - 20210222 (5)s: Select one of the following links to access interactive maps of the SCMaglev alternative paths from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore.

Resource Materials from B-W SCMaglev DEIS Commenting Workshop